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Get your child to sleep in as few as five nights!

Dr. Eduard Estivill’s best-selling treatment, which has taught over two million children around the world how to sleep, is finally available as an APP for the iPhone® and iPod Touch®.

Sleeping correctly is something kids learn, and many parents just don’t have the
right tools to properly teach their kids this habit. As a result, one out of three children under the age of five has some form of insomnia or sleep disorder.

IT’s BEDTIME! combines scientific tips on how to communicate with children and apply the method with a practical section that features a stopwatch to time the waiting intervals parents should adhere to when going in and out of their child’s bedroom. Dr. Estivill's audio messages and practical tips accompany parents through each step of the process.
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Screen Shots

Dr. Estivill explains

What is the meaning of crying? How should I communicate with my child? How do I teach the habit of sleep? Find answers to these and many other questions through a series of quick and practical explanations… And if you want more details, click on the audio icon and let Dr. Estivill himself guide you through his method.

Who is Dr. Estivill?

Dr. Estivill, a pediatrician and neurophysiologist, is the director of the Sleep Clinic at the Institut Dexeus in Barcelona, Spain. He is also the coordinator of the Sleep Unit at Catalonia General Hospital and Incosol Clinic in Marbella. Learn about his credentials and access his web through the app.

Buy his books

Dr. Estivill has written many popular books on sleep and other habits, including
5 Days to a Perfect Night’s Sleep for your Child. Buy his books in English or Spanish with just a single click.

Spread the word!

Recommend the APP to your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Dr. Estivill’s method in your hands

Pick the number of days you have applied the method successfully and let the APP guide you through each step: from when to go into your child’s room and what to say to him or her to how much time to wait outside before going in again.

Count the waiting times

A stopwatch in your iPhone®/iPod Touch® will count the waiting times and vibrate to let you know it’s time to go into your child’s bedroom.